MBAvolunteers provides MBA application reviews in exchange for a donation to charity. Our “service” is meant for those who don’t have family or friends with MBA admissions experience to turn to for feedback and who at the same time don’t want to use admissions consultants for financial or ethical reasons.

We have diverse backgrounds ranging from management consulting to investment banking or technology and are current or former students of the world’s top business schools. Since our founding in 2008 we have reviewed well over 100 MBA applications, thereby raising over $35,000 for charities across the globe while helping applicants gain admissions to top MBA programs.

How it works

Our service is very simple. Just answer a few questions in our requests form, attach your essays and you’re all set. We will start reviewing your case as soon as we confirm the donation has been made.

When you make your donation, you need to enter the exact email address assigned to you in the non-profit’s online submission form! By doing this a receipt showing your donation is emailed directly to us. Forwarded receipts will not be accepted (it would otherwise be too easy to falsify the receipt, e.g. changing the donation amount). Be assured that personal information included in the receipt (your name and billing address) will not be shared or used in any way. Receipts never include your credit card information.

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Please find below our selection of non-profits that are doing an amazing job making the world a better place.

We want you to be certain that all your contribution goes directly to the non-profit organisation, so that’s why we ask you to make the donation directly to them. Please take a look at the non-profits we’ve chosen, you can pay for our volunteer’s service by making a donation to any of them.

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Our latest news

Happy new year!

January 28th, 2014|0 Comments

Happy new year! Wishing you that all your b-school dreams come true. Also, we'd like to share that we've now crossed the $35,000 donation mark! Thanks to all the applicants who have worked with us

We just turned 5 years old!

April 28th, 2013|0 Comments

MBAvolunteers just turned 5 years old! How time flies... Thanks to all the applicants who have worked with us over the past years and also to the volunteers on the team sacrificing their valuable time

Thank you for a great season

June 28th, 2012|0 Comments

We finished another great application season with clients being accepted to top business schools across the world.


The insights from a current student were invaluable in reviewing my application and giving me confidence that I had a good package. The feedback was fast and detailed.

My experience with your service was extremely positive. I was initially concerned that the reviewer was not from the same professional background as I. However, this circumstance turned out to be helpful. It shed a lot of light on industry-specific assumptions I had made in my essays that may not be clear to someone outside the industry (and AdCom). The reviewer was very prompt in responding to my emails and provided feedback before the agreed-upon deadline. The feedback I received was detailed and constructive and I was very impressed by the format and structure of the feedback form. In one sentence I would describe your service as professional, yet human.

Extremely useful service. To the point and honest feedback. Does not just provide general comments but also more school-specific stuff. Highly recommended.

Just received my interview invitation. Extremely happy to come this far. Would not have been possible without your feedback. I really appreciate your help.

Great job… very pertinent to my application, thanks once again.

The feedback helped me understand the flaws in my essays and position myself better.

Daniela’s feedback was great. She really took the time to dive into my application and was looking at the overall picture, not just specific essays which was extremely helpful. I also liked the honesty of her answers. That is the whole point to give essays to someone outside of your own network, because other people’s feedback is biased since they know how much time and effort an applicant has spent on the application already. Daniela called out when my choice of words/ topics was good and when it needed revision. I feel that her comments gave me a much needed push to perfect the essays. And, of course, I am very thankful to Daniela for providing me timely feedback during Christmas time!

MBAvolunteers sincerely want to help you improve your application. They are people who went through an MBA and know the application process from the inside. I got a thorough application evaluation… I also like the idea to donate my money to a charity fund which might help someone else.

What a wonderful idea! To feel at least socially responsible!

When I took the service from MBAvolunteers I was a little skeptical. But when I got my first feedback it exceeded my expectations. They helped me to improve my applications tremendously.

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